Perfect End to a Busy Sunday

Winehouse and Perfect Manhattan

Welcome to the first post on our little project. There is much work still to do, but after a busy day of installing an incredibly difficult light fixture (yes, it took nearly the whole day), we decided to take some time off from setting up anything else…including the blog. Instead, I selected a little Amy Winehouse to accompany our wind-down time, and he put together two Perfect Manhattans with his own little twist. The combination is certainly one that will lull me into a night of beautiful sleep and I couldn’t feel any better than I do at this moment.


The Perfect Manhattan:

2 oz Kentucky bourbon
1/2 oz dry vermouth
1/2 oz sweet vermouth

Add the above in a shaker over ice & shake lightly.  Prior to pouring into your favorite glass (we prefer the coupe), add the following to the glass, then pour and enjoy:

3 dashes of barrel aged bitters
2 dashes Aztec chocolate bitters
Cherry garnish



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